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Contributors Guide

Contributors Guide

What is Commons Stack Praise?

The voices and contributions from the Commons Stack community fuel our project- and as such we seek to reflect that contribution to our system. One way of doing this is awarding Praise which, at the end of each month, can turn into a CSTK Score increase: indicating your reputation in Commons Stack and inclusion in our Trusted Seed.

The Praise Lifecycle

  • Praise is dished in the main Commons Stack Telegram and Discord channels.
  • If you are dished Praise, the bot will mention you in the main channel - click on its invitation to direct message, and the bot will start a chat with you.
  • The bot will first invite you to apply to the Trusted Seed, which you can do at any time right here. After a successful application, you will be invited to activate your Trusted Seed Membership. If you have already taken these steps, you can ignore this, but they are crucial for Praise to be converted into CSTK tokens.
  • Praise dishing is done on a monthly cycle. Before the 15th of every month the Commons Stack Association will analyze the Praise awarded from the month before and increase your CSTK Score to denote the reputation earned in the Trusted Seed.
  • CSTK tokens are minted over the xDai network, they are non-transferrable and will never have a monetary value. Rather, they are a badge of honor signifying you are trusted - which will later be used to give access to the launch of future Commons.
  • We hope one day to integrate SourceCred, as it is a very promising protocol that can serve the same purpose as our PraiseBot, but to keep overhead low, we decided to keep it simply to Praise for now. You can find the source code for our PraiseBot here.
  • You can find the live sheet of the awarded Praise throughout a month and the historical record of all awarded Praise and related CSTK tokens in this sheet. You can also see this record by typing "!sheet" in any telegram room the Praisebot (@PraiseBot) is in.
Note that we host a Praise Onboarding call in our Discord on Wednesday's at 12 pm EST.
If you have any questions about your contribution or this process, you can contact our team on Telegram or Discord channels. They’ll be happy to take you through the process step-by-step. Or drop us an email to: [email protected]
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